"Thank you to all those who have written to us to tell us about our service"


"She is an outstanding facilitator"



Maureen organises Joint Government Event

Doreen Lawrence attends ISN event








"Everything was outstanding. There was not one negative about the event. Can't wait for the next one."

Mandi Business Owner




"We really enjoyed the day and found it very motivating and uplifting. It was particularly moving to hear Doreen Lawrence speech."

Picture of beat bullying representative

Beat Bullying Charity

picture of deputy head and pupils from Johanna Primary School who spoke at inner strength event

"The girls had a good time and really gained a huge amount of inner strength from being made to feel so special and grown up...they have not stopped talking about it since"

Deputy Headteacher


"Dear Maureen- thank you- i enjoyed saying my speech and singing-- I learnt that men and women are strong" pupil's letter


Supporting Women Through Domestic Violence and Action Learning



"Having attended the domestic violence and action learning sessions, which were both faciliated by Maureen I would like to give my highest recommendation. Apart from her professionalism and dedication, her generous and caring attitude was a support and inspiration. I will always be grateful for her help which has enabled me to make real positve changes in my life during a very difficult time"




Thank you to our male supporters on gender equality

"Maureen is a genuine encourager.. wanting to walk alongside people in their journey and giving pertinent and apt advice and information"



" Maureen your passion clearly shines through. Love to support your work"


Working with Companies on Action Learning Coaching



" I was made to feel incredibly comfortable and at ease right from the very beginning. She instantly instilled a sense of trust and honesty and that helped me open up and really feel like I was a part of an important group. I am very impressed with the way she has coordinated the meetings and ensured they are well organised and structured"


Parole Board Participant


" Maureen takes time to assess the needs and dynamics of the group, thank you so much

Ministry of Justice Participant





Domestic Violence Inner Strength Programmes

"The course facilitator was very welcoming, confidential, accepting and respectful. The course was brilliant, it has helped to benefit my life. I do hope this continues to help women"




"I look forward to this course every week"


" I can finally express myself"


" The course is a real opener"


"There are so many people who suffer in silence"


"I feel more relaxed that I have some help on being safe for myself and my children"


" I feel better talking to people about it rather than just reading books"







"excellent insight into the behaviour of the abuser. Understanding the behaviour helps you realise that you are not the problem. Maureen was absolutely wonderful. "


from Anna



"The programme has helped me to realise that I am not to blame for some of the things that has happened and I now understand the tactic of various types of domestic abuse/violence"


Maureen speaking at Million Women Rise

Maureen speaks on variouse topics including career development, domestic violence, self esteem and inner strength


“Very encouraging and inspiring talk”


“Lively delivery turning negatives into positives”
















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